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Name:Amelia "Izzy" Talbot
Birthdate:Mar 2
Location:New York, New York, United States of America
So yeah, I'm Izzy. Though if you ask my mother I'm Amelia.

Supposedly at 27 I'm considered an adult though I'm not entirely convinced of that yet. I have two pitbulls in a tiny studio apartment filled with cactus in Brooklyn, so don't break in cause you'll regret it! My Magilla and Tank will lick you onto something sharp! I go to school in Manhattan where I am majoring in 90's Hip-Hop with a minor in Simlish.

I love to be out and about people watching, usually while stoned, and if I'm not cooking the most delicious pizza bites you have ever had I'm usually listening to music, which is my true passion. But I'm also very passionate about binge eating and working odd jobs to try and earn a buck.

I only have three rules in life; Don't feed your Mogwai after midnight, don't cross the streams, and don't take the first two rules too seriously.

Oh and I'm also an Empath, not that people usually know what that means.

[I am not Anna Kendrick, I only borrow her face for my original character Izzy. My character and myself are over 18 and I make no profit off of this.]
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